Shopify Scripts Sunset: Move to Shopify Functions Before August 28, 2025

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Shopify Scripts Sunset: Move to Shopify Functions Before August 28, 2025

Shopify Plus merchants, long familiar with using Shopify Scripts for custom cart and checkout experiences since 2016, must prepare for a significant update. Shopify has announced the discontinuation of Shopify Scripts, to be replaced by Shopify Functions, with support ceasing on August 28, 2025.

This brief aims to equip you with everything necessary to navigate this transition, detailing the introduction of Shopify Functions and the migration process from Scripts.

The End of Shopify Scripts

Shopify Functions is set to supplant Shopify Scripts for customization needs, signaling the end of support for Shopify Scripts by August 2025. Merchants utilizing Scripts for tailored discounts and checkout enhancements must transition to Shopify Functions ahead of this deadline. Additionally, merchants with checkout.liquid customizations are advised to switch to Checkout Extensibility to incorporate Function APIs.

Introducing Shopify Functions

Shopify Functions introduces a new paradigm for backend customization, necessitating an application-based approach. Developers can now build and deploy apps containing customizable functions, which merchants can then integrate into their Shopify stores. This system promises a range of capabilities right out of the gate, thanks to a collaborative effort from Shopify's app developer community.

Reasons for the Shift to Shopify Functions

Enhanced Functional Range: Shopify Scripts' utility was hampered by its limited language scope and functionality. Shopify Functions, being language-agnostic, broadens possibilities immensely, allowing for more complex logic and customizations without the stringent limitations of the previous system.

Improved User Experience: Designed with usability at its core, Shopify Functions facilitates an intuitive admin interface, enabling easier creation and modification of checkout rules. This system democratizes the customization process, making it accessible to non-developers and enhancing operational robustness.

Diminished Need for Developer Intervention: The rollout of Shopify Functions aims to lessen the reliance on developers for routine store functionalities by fostering a robust ecosystem of Function-specific apps. Nonetheless, unique or complex store requirements will still necessitate custom app development and maintenance.

Shopify Functions Use Cases

Shopify Functions extends the range of possible customizations significantly:

  • Discounts
  • Payment Customizations
  • Delivery Customizations
  • Cart and Checkout Validations
  • Order Routing Location Rules
  • Customized Bundles
  • And many more in the developer preview

Impact on Shopify Plus Merchants and How Nala Networks Inc Can Help

As Shopify Scripts phases out, Shopify Plus merchants must migrate to Shopify Functions to ensure continuity. This entails identifying and integrating suitable Functions apps to maintain or enhance current functionalities. This transition not only broadens the spectrum of customizations but also empowers merchants, reducing reliance on developer teams for what are sometimes straightforward functionalities.

Nala Networks Inc is poised to assist Shopify Plus clients through this migration, offering expert guidance and support to ensure a smooth transition. Leveraging our deep understanding of Shopify's platform and the new Functions framework, we can help your business seamlessly adapt to these changes, ensuring you fully capitalize on the enhanced capabilities offered by Shopify Functions.

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