Service Level Agreement

About this document
This Document outlines the basic Terms Of Service for Linux Nework Care Inc Full Service Package. Our complete server management plans will alleviate you of any time worrying about managing your server and lets you focus more on your business.
Response Time
Response Time to Critical Support Requests: Response times range from 30 minutes to 180 minutes for Critical Support Requests. Response time to Non-critical Support Requests:Response times for non-critical support range from 1 hour to 2 business days.
Contract is month to month and will renew automatically, unless termination of service notice is received at least 15 days prior to end of month.
Access to servers
Nala Networks Inc requires administrative access to the servers in order to provide services to your business, as well access to hardware maintenance and technical support personnel at the data center should be granted.
Nala Networks Inc. is not responsible for any additional services you add without notifying and working out with Nala Networks Inc. that is on top of the basic services on your server and other applications that are part of the initial agreement. Monitoring and upgrading any new services must be first notified and worked out with Nala Networks Inc. Only applications that are in working order are contracted by Nala Networks Inc. to manage and are counted towards downtime of applications due to actions or lack of actions of Nala Networks Inc.
Only clients with current contracts with no oustanding bills will be eligible for compensation, and will be applied based on the current month's bill. Compensation for items covered by the service level agreement will be applied to the grand total of the monthly invoice. Any refunds for service level agreements will be applied after any other discounts or credits are applied. Discounts are cumulative for service level agreement items.
Response Time vs. Resolution Time
Response time is the time it takes to send an acknowledgement back of an issue and begin the process of developing a resolution. Resolution time is the date and time a solution is provided for a given problem.

Nala Networks Inc. cannot give a guaranteed resolution time for critical events or downtimes because of many unknown and uncontrollable situations that might arise.

Service Level Agreement Document
Any changes to the service level agreement document will be notified 30 days before it goes into effect. Only the most current Service Level agreement document will be honoured. To get a link or copy of the most current document, please contact Nala Networks Inc.
System Down Time
Nala Networks Inc. only provides software level server management with includes the operating system and applications, and does not sign hardware or connectivity management contracts for servers. All applications which must be in working work must be communicated to Nala Networks Inc.

Nala Networks Inc. is not responsible for system down caused by hardware failures, connectivity issues, third parties or the client.

System downtime caused by Nala Networks Inc
Nala Networks Inc. will take reponsibility for any actions or lack of actions that directly or indirectly causes downtime. If this situation occurs, Nala Networks Inc. will ensure all necessary steps are taken in order to help the customer in bringing the server back online.
Statement of indemnity
By submission of payment and data, the client shall hold Nala Networks Inc. and its employees from any claims, lawsuits, damages or liability of any kind from the service provided to the client by Nala Networks Inc. and its employees.
Payments will be due on the anniversary date of each month. Any billing questions or concerns can be addressed by emailing
Contract Term
Contract is month to month and will renew automatically, unless termination of service notice is received at least ten days prior to end of month. Termination of service notices must be sent in writing via email, mail or fax, ten days prior to anniversary date.
Contact Information
Mailing Address

C/O Billing Dept.
58 Maresfield Drive
Scarborough, Ontario M1V2X1

If you have any questions regarding Nala Networks Cpanel server Solutions or our other services, then please do not hesitate to contact us using our Support Desk.