Transitioning from Checkout.liquid to Checkout Extensibility on Shopify Plus

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Transitioning from Checkout.liquid to Checkout Extensibility on Shopify Plus

As Shopify plans to phase out checkout.liquid for certain pages by 2024, understanding this transition is crucial for Shopify Plus merchants. This guide dives into the rationale behind Shopify's move, its impact, how to navigate checkout customizations with Checkout Extensibility, and the support Nala Networks Inc offers throughout this process.

Key Highlights:

  • The Phase-Out of checkout.liquid: Scheduled for August 13, 2024, affecting the Information, Shipping, and Payment pages. This change necessitates a shift to Checkout Extensibility for ongoing customizations and tracking integrations.
  • Why the Shift?: The move away from checkout.liquid is driven by its complexity and the potential for performance and security issues. Checkout Extensibility offers a more secure, code-free, and efficient alternative for customizing the checkout experience.
  • Implications for Merchants: This marks a new phase for Shopify's checkout, simplifying customizations but requiring merchants to adapt their existing checkout.liquid customizations to the new platform.

Customizing with Checkout Extensibility:

Checkout Extensibility empowers merchants with code-free customization options, including:

  • Checkout Editor: A drag-and-drop tool for modifying the checkout appearance and adding functional apps, fully integrated with Shop Pay.
  • Shopify Pixels Manager: Allows easy management of tracking pixels.
  • Checkout Apps Collection: A suite of apps to enhance checkout functionality.

Additionally, Checkout Extensibility provides APIs and UI components for further customization:

  • Checkout UI Extensions: Enables app creation that extends checkout functionalities beyond native capabilities.
  • Checkout Branding API: Customize the checkout’s look to match your brand consistently.
  • Shopify Functions & Post-Purchase Extensions: Offer advanced customization and tracking options.

This suite of features supersedes checkout.liquid, offering a more flexible and robust framework for creating personalized checkout experiences.

Support from Nala Networks Inc:

Navigating from checkout.liquid to Checkout Extensibility is a significant transition that Nala Networks Inc is fully equipped to support. Our team of Shopify Plus experts offers comprehensive services to ensure a smooth migration, leveraging our extensive experience and development expertise.

If you’re looking to migrate from a custom checkout.liquid setup to Checkout Extensibility, Nala Networks Inc is your go-to partner. Our deep dive into Shopify Plus and Checkout Extensibility ensures that we can tailor your checkout to meet your unique business requirements while maximizing efficiency and security.

Getting Started:

For Shopify Plus merchants preparing for this transition, starting with Shopify's official Checkout upgrade guide is recommended. Additionally, Nala Networks Inc is here to facilitate your migration, ensuring your checkout is not just compliant but also optimized for your business needs.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you transition to Checkout Extensibility, ensuring your Shopify Plus store remains at the forefront of e-commerce excellence.

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