• Hosting & Support

    A lot of Magento hosting companies say they have "great support", but a few can claim that a Magento Expert will answer all your questions. At Nala Networks - our staff is specialized on Magento, you will never hear "We don't know how to do that". We only do Magento because it's our passion.

  • Amazon AWS Experts

    We specialize in providing consulting services to customers looking to take advantage of the Magento Cloud Hosting, including full managed services for all types of customers: from customers with a low budget through to high end customers.

  • Fast Magento Hosting

    Our High Performance Stack is optimized for Magento Hosting. We are using lightweight and high performance components which are used by companies like Facebook or Google. We offer a FREE DEMO Installation, checkout the difference.

  • Free Migration

    Moving to a Nala Networks Managed Cloud Server has never been easier! Our free migration service is streamlined by our expert migration administrators. We will move your complete shop from your old Magento hosting company to your new managed cloud server.

  • Fully Managed

    With managed Magento Cloud Servers you still have complete control of your magento server and we support it and manage the patches and updates. We take first-responder action to all monitoring alerts.

  • Advanced Technology

    Nala Networks is up to date on the most advanced and cutting edge technology. We are a business inspired by the ever changing technological field and we back this by a drive to be the best at what we do.